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jazz's a party

i wanted to share this cool news: i'm spending the summer at the Hartwick College Summer Music Festival and Institute. and i'm playing jazz oboe. the jazz faculty here is amazing (freelancers from NYC, etc) and cool and open to experimentation. so i've been working with Bob Sabin, the jazz bass teacher, in a combo. and i'm playing some classic tunes and learning about jazz scales and it's really exciting. i want to keep it up when i get back to school (sophomore at University of Maryland).
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that sounds like so much fun. its hard to find people open to the idea of jazz oboe and experimentation.
How do you like Mark hill as a teacher?

I'm looking at grad schools since I will be graduating this year, and I like UMD... but I dont know about him. Tell me what you think - good bad and ugly.
i LIKE him. i've known him since my frosh year of h.s. b/c i'm local and he has a workshop every year. he's a good teacher. i had some problems that didn't get fixed until i started working with Carol Stephenson this semester (prof hill was on sabbatical) but some of that was me. he's an excellent teacher, musician and chamber coach. he really takes care of us in the studio.
we dont' do enough orchestral excerpt work in studio. i think i'll say something to him in the fall.
OMG!!! I know a bunch of people up there not exactly in the jazz program tho.
well it's a small enough program that we pretty much know who everyone is.
i'm a counselor in charge of programs for concerts so i do know everyone's name.
well i know a christina-flute, david-horn, and patrick-flute. oh yea and i'm jazmine
I remember when I was looking at undergrad schools, I was looking at Berkley (in Boston), and the woman there was saying, oh yes, you should come, I'll teach you all the jazz you need. I thought that was cool.
I'd really like to get involved with playing jazz music - I used ot love toplay it in middle school but they kicked out all the flutes & oboes. I've been out of college for 7 months and haven't picked up my oboe since and I'm seriously missing it. Can you recommend some good pieces/solos?
dude..... a soprano sax sounds like a jazz oboe.. do a duel with soprano and oboe. that would be SWEET